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April 10th, 2016

World’s First Plastic Fishing Company Wants to Rid the Oceans of Plastic Pollution

Lorraine Chow | April 1, 2016 12:21 pm The premise behind the Amsterdam-based venture Plastic Whale is beautifully simple. First, the company fishes out plastic bottles and other debris from the city’s numerous canals. Second, when enough bottles are collected, the plastic is transformed into material to make a boat. Third, the new boat is used to […]

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April 9th, 2016

Bill McKibben: It’s Time to Break Free From Fossil Fuels

Bill McKibben | April 8, 2016 11:32 am This February was the hottest in recorded history, scorching crops and flooding homes all across the planet. Record-breaking temperatures have robbed the Arctic of its winter. And yet despite this, governments around the world still plan to build massive new coal mines and open new oil and […]

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March 1st, 2016

Action Alert! BLM Methane Rule

February 16, 2016–The public comment period is underway on The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) draft rule to update its regulations to reduce the waste of natural gas from flaring, venting, and leaks from oil and gas production operations on public and Indian lands. Read more here and see what input YOU can have! It’s […]

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February 29th, 2016

U.S. Climate-Changing Emissions Drastically Underestimated

U.S Climate-Changing Emissions Drastically Underestimated (Weekly podcast Feb 26, 2016) Measuring the emissions of the powerful climate-changing gas methane emissions is difficult, as it escapes from wetlands and landfills as well as from oil and gas drilling and pipelines around the world. Now, a team of scientists using satellite data with ground observations has found […]

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