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March 5th, 2016

Colorado activists set their sights on a ballot measure to limit drilling

Previous attempts have been blocked and current regulations disappoint. Over the past two years, plummeting natural gas and oil prices have caused energy companies in Colorado to lay off thousands of employees, and put state and local governments in a pinch from declining tax revenue. But if you thought this might cool the anti-fracking fever […]

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July 24th, 2015

Four Ways ALEC Tried to Ruin Your State This Year

Submitted by PRWatch Editors on July 7, 2015 – 7:46am – By Jessica Mason In a year with unprecedented rightwing dominance in state legislative chambers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has continued to wreak havoc in states across the country–despite an ongoing exodus of high-profile corporate members, including BP, Google, and several high-tech firms. […]

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